Mizoram Social Defence & Rehabilitation Board (MSD&RB) is a board created by the State Government in the year 1999 to counter the rising drug abuse epidemic in Mizoram.

The board is under the direct chairmanship of the Minister i/c Social Welfare Department and the Commissioner of the same department acting as the Vice Chairman and the Director Social Welfare Department being the Member Secretary. The Board consists of top officials from 9 significant departments of the State. Since its inception, MSD&RB has been functioning effectively in fighting against drugs & HIV/ AIDS. MSD&RB is equipped with consultancy expertise and technical resource services for partner NGO’s, SACS, and other agencies.


Y-D -24, 

Chaltlang Dawrkawn, near NIT Main Building

Aizawl, Mizoram.

Phone: 0389-2399321/2396403